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Moving Services

Redemptive Developments established its moving service early in 2011 to compliment its junk removal services. Much like junk removal, the moving services begun from very humble beginnings. With only a pick-up truck and open trailer, RD started to accept moving work as our existing clients had a great need for it. Beginning with two staff, the moving services model has been slowly refined as an attempt was made to discover the best structure for this service. Crew sizes have ranged anywhere from 2 staff all the way up to 6 staff on a job site throughout the years.

Today the Edmonton moving team comes with moving industry experience, and offers customers careful and high quality services all at an affordable price. For RD, it is very important to be able to offer its customers the assurance that their belongings are safe and secure with our staff. In Edmonton, RD is proud to have been able to offer the Housing First program and its facilitators moving services for over 6 years. Redemptive is happy to be able to contribute to ending poverty and homelessness in Edmonton through this program.

Throughout the years Redemptive has been able to provide many women and men full and part time employment with its moving services. Many of these staff members have gone onto transition into further employment with RD’s other services, as well as different employers. From day one, RD’s moving services were established to¬†offer affordable moving services into the community, all while paying a living wage and re-investing in the local economy.

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