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Salvage Reclaimed Furniture

Redemptive Developments established its gently used furniture store, “Salvage Reclaimed Furniture” in the west end of Edmonton. This store is perfectly situated in RD’s and its charity the JPWC’s community on Stony Plain Road. Salvage was created to offer local community members an alternative to the areas pawn shops and rent-to-own stores which were only putting individuals further into debt and financial crisis. Salvage’s mandate is to offer quality, gently used furniture and household items into the community at affordable rates. The items which Salvage sells are all generously donated from community members or consigned by local artisans.

Each item that is brought to Salvage is thoroughly inspected and cleaned to be prepared for sale. RD’s able moving crew also assist Salvage in offering free pick ups from donors throughout the City, as well as offering affordable delivery options. Salvage operates out of a large 4000 sq/ft retail location located directly on Stony Plain Road. The goal when envisioning Salvage was to offer a new spin on the used furniture shopping experience. When speaking and consulting with many individuals, it was identified that many people felt like the standard “thrift store” shopping experience left them feeling dirty and dingy afterwards. From day one, Salvage has set out to create a bright, fresh and clean shopping experience for its customers. Striving to keep its space engaging and creative, items are staged in possible living scenarios to help customers imagine how they might look in their own homes.

Since opening to the public, Salvage has seen thousands of items pass through its doors and has had many pleased donors as well as happy customers. Salvage has been able to cater to many diverse customers who are relocating, replacing items or starting from scratch. Salvage has even been fortunate to assist many refugee families creating a new home in Canada. All proceeds that Salvage generates are used to sustain our programs offered through our charity, the Jasper Place Wellness Centre. Salvage Reclaimed Furniture is a very different social enterprise than the other services offered through Redemptive Developments, however it holds a very special spot in the hearts of everyone who is involved.

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