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Redemptive Developments’ first social enterprise and one of the fastest growing services is Junk 4 Good, a professional full service junk removal and bin rental company. Junk 4 Good has entered a very crowded and competitive industry where anyone with a pick up truck can compete in. Fortunately, Junk 4 Good has been able to carve out and create a very niche market and develop a brand that is becoming more and more well known for some of the highest quality of service in the industry.

Couch junk removal and appliance recycling

Junk 4 Good began with a donated pick up truck, a leased trailer and two staff members. This service has rapidly grown to include three industry specific and custom built removal trucks, multiple accessory removal bins and many full time and part time staff members. Originally a service offered under the name of “RD Junk”, the choice was made to re-brand the service to offer an easy to remember and well branded name, logo and defined company colors. Junk 4 Good now operates as a nationally trademarked name and has been officially spun off as its own stand-alone service offering, still under the heading of Redemptive Developments.

With custom outfitted trucks and professional uniformed staff, Junk 4 Good has seen aggressive growth within the Greater Edmonton area. Together with embracing and incorporating many state of the art technologies as well as building an amazing staff and customer service team, Junk 4 Good is poised for even further growth into additional regions. Junk 4 Good’s main office and call center is based in Edmonton, Alberta where the junk service was originally piloted. However through incorporating amazing tech into our back end service, Junk 4 Good have been able to remove many potential barriers and made it easy to set up future social franchise locations outside of Edmonton.

It is Junk 4 Good’s goal to generate quality, stable employment for local individuals and begins all staff at a living wage. Additionally, Junk 4 Good re-invests all proceeds that it generates back into employment programs through its charity the Jasper Place Wellness Centre. When customers make the choice to hire Junk 4 Good’s non-profit full service junk removal rather than one of the many for-profit outfits, they make the choice to re-invest their hard earned money back into their local community.

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