Who We Are

 Redemptive’s History

Redemptive Developments was founded in 2011 as a response to a hard hit economy, to offer solutions to many prevalent social and economic needs in it’s local community. Operating under the umbrella of its charity, the Jasper Place Wellness Centre, Redemptive Developments was established to create sustainable social enterprises which would not only provide employment to its local community, but to also sustain it’s charitable programs even in the absence of external financial support. Our social enterprises are designed and structured to change the way non-profits seek program funding. Additionally, RD’s mission is to offer empowering, meaningful employment in a healthy work environment, all while paying a living wage.

In 2011, shortly after piloting the Housing First program in Edmonton on behalf of the province of Alberta, 4 front line social workers from the Jasper Place Wellness Centre began to strategize solutions to the needs that their clients and community were facing on a daily basis. These included concerns of stable employment, meaningful daily activity, a steady income, access to sustainable food, having a workplace which was understanding towards individuals physical and mental constraints and much more. Drawing from their many years and experiences in both the for-profit business and social sectors, these 4 individuals set their minds to see Redemptive Developments established and begin to change their local community.

The focus was, is, and always has been people. Redemptive’s efforts may span diversely into business, finance and many different sectors, however at the root of every decision, is the passion and desire to see peoples lives changed for the better. Each social enterprise is carefully designed to offer a response to social and financial needs within the communities they serve.


What’s Next?

Redemptive Developments holds a portfolio of many established and self sustaining social enterprises, offering a diverse range of services into the communities it serves. Redemptive has seen over 200 women and men of very diverse backgrounds, come through it’s employment programs and continue on to full time employment within our organization. Additionally, many staff members also go on to secure full time employment in other industries.

With the support of its communities, RD has been able to re-invest well over $1,000,000 back into the local economy and also see over 3,000,000 lbs. of materials recycled on an annual basis. When consulting with many individuals and organizations within and outside of Edmonton, it has become apparent that there is a vast need for well structured, branded and sustainable social enterprise, in communities throughout the country. This year Redemptive Developments has set plans in motion to establish its first social enterprise beyond the borders of the Greater Edmonton area.

Whats in store for Redemptive in the future? As RD partners with Governments, Non-Profits and socially motivated individuals throughout different regions, creative, intuitive and custom tailored social enterprises are able to be established as a response to unique social and environmental issues. Redemptive Developments’ reach is ever expanding, and along with community support, the potential social impact that can be achieved is endless. Redemptive’s appetite for growth is not easily quenched, which when paired with a desire to resist stagnation, allows for rapid growth and a relentless pursuit for a constant refining of all its current and future social enterprises.