Mattress Recycling

Edmonton mattress recycling and removal

Mattress Recycling

In 2015, Redemptive Developments begun its journey into the world or mattress recycling in the form of its mattress facility, “Evergreen Recycling”. From RD’s experience with junk removal, it was noticed very early on just how many mattresses Edmontonians were disposing of on a monthly basis. The number of mattress items that would pass through Junk 4 Good’s staff members hands were staggering, and this was only one of many service providers disposing of mattresses within the City. Early on this was a red flag for RD’s staff and management. The conversation around mattress recycling begun years before the facility actually opened, however in 2015 the City of Edmonton implemented a surcharge to dispose of a mattress item at their transfer facilities. This was the catalyst which let Redemptive’s management to least its warehouse and hire on staff to begin recycling mattress items.

Without a contract in hand, RD’s staff began to collect and pilot its recycling program. Combined with a management trip to DR3’s Oakland California’s Non-Profit Mattress Recycling’s Facility, Redemptive was equipped with a process and a direction to grow into. Since the mattress recycling’s quiet beginnings, Evergreen has now secured the recycling work of many mattress retailers, wholesalers and even manufacturers. Additionally, after many years of lobbying the local government to implement a mattress recycling program, in 2017 Redemptive Developments was successfully awarded the contract to recycle an anticipates 30,000+ units each year.

Since these contracts have been in place, Redemptive has been able to recycle hundreds of thousands of pounds of material and divert it from the waste stream. Not only is Redemptive’s mattress facility accomplishing great environmental success, it has allowed RD to create 15 full time jobs for local individuals and that number is always growing. RD is proud to partner with local employment programs such as Job Corps Edmonton as well as many non-profit agencies, offering employment and training opportunities to their clients and patrons. Last year, Evergreen was able to see over 15,000 mattresses recycled through commercial contracts. This year, it is anticipated that Evergreen will be processing over 50,000 mattress items, saving up to 90% of each from the landfill. That will equate to millions of pounds diverted from landfill, and finding new life being recycled into new consumer products.

Redemptive Developments is proud to be able to have Evergreen Recycling in its portfolio of social enterprises, and be able to invest in our local community in such a significant and diverse way.

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